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Things about love and know how

Let me tell you all what love is all about or <3ing someone it’s about putting that person feelings first before yours. Showing how everyday you wake up and go to sleep that person is always on your mind no matter what because since the day you said how you felt he or she is happy as ever that you admitted you like them. Now for girls we get clingy sometimes but it’s because we miss that boy who’s always on our mind and we try hard not to but we still do cuz we care and hope he’s thinking about that one girl he wishes was with him right there. Now guys they can sometimes be a total dude at some points like not giving his girl compliments to know he still thinks she’s amazing and beautiful or being a little romantic now and then cuz we girls just go nuts for that shows us you want our attention and just want to see us turn red and smile. But it’s the little things that our the main thing in a relationship like attention is one and appreciation is another. Homemade stuff like food, cards, letters, poems, that kind of stuff can work on both sides plus memory is also good  remembering certain things like what song you and your sweetheart love a lot and is now your song or remembering what you did on your first date all that is special to both sides as well it shows you care and want to make the love of your life happy. Now then here are somethings to point out about both sides guys need girls to help them dress nice and learn that even guys can be just as good looking as their girl and girls need to try not to be over dramactic about the guy not txting you every minute guys need guy time just as much as girls need girl time. Now here are somethings that can make girls sometimes weak in the knees guys who can be a little bad, can cook, bake, romantic, funny, sleeping we csn’t help, giving us compliments even when we are wearing pjs or sweats and our hair is all messed up, doing fun stuff together, animal lovers, bikers, mysterious is really good, KNOWING your girl like the back of your hand, telling her you miss her and you care about her, smelling good even camp fire smoke smells awesome, chivlary is a good one, and always keep doing everything you did to win her heart or she’ll just keep wondering why you stop being the guy she loves and just quit trying. Now girls it’s pretty, funny, cook, bake, know about video games, can be tough, a little naughty but still sweet, animal lovers, having a tomboy side to connect with her dude, not too clingy but still showing she misses you, standing up for herself, couragous, firece, badass even, looking adorable when we sleep, looking good for our guys, remembering stuff about him even he doesn’t know, being independent, and protecting and being there for your man even when he is in a bad mood cuz it’s letting him know you care about him and you are his princess or queen cuz like in chess the queen protects the king same for princess and princes be good to the person you love cuz your never find another like them ever I know :) <3

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